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Clogged drains are more than just a minor inconvenience. The backed up water is not only unpleasant to see and smell, it can also result in standing water which is a breeding ground for bacteria, mosquitos and other pests. 

Clogged drains should be addressed quickly and professionally to ensure the issue is resolved.  At Escape Plumbing, our professional plumbers will have your drains cleared in no time. Call us today for fast and efficient drain cleaning services in Northwest Connecticut.

Here's a List of our Drain Cleaning Services:

Signs of a Clogged Drain

It’s important to address clogged drains right away, as an excess of backflow could damage your home and health. Keep an eye out for the following signs of a clogged drain:

Water or sewage coming back up from the drain – This typically occurs when multiple drains are clogged. The same can happen with sewage if the clogging deepens. If you are seeing water or sewage backing up from a drain, it’s likely you have multiple clogs. 

Slow drainage – If the water in your shower or sink drains slowly and pools up, debris and residue are likely blocking the drain. Call for drain cleaning services before it worsens.

Strong, unpleasant smells – The buildup of food, hair, waste, and other materials in your drain can create a displeasing stench that signals a clog.

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Drain Cleaning in Northwest Connecticut

You can rely on Escape Plumbing for drain cleaning needs in Northwest Connecticut. Our licensed plumbers will do a visual inspection and check the water flow through the pipes. After finishing our drain inspection, we will use a manual snake, electric cable snake, chain knocker and other plumbing equipment to provide expert drain cleaning. 

For quick, efficient and effective drain cleaning, choose the trusted plumbing services of Escape Plumbing. Call today at 860-567-8020.

When you call Escape Plumbing with your plumbing issue, we respond quickly to ensure that the problem is resolved without it getting any worse or causing further damage. 

Escape from your plumbing problems – contact us today!

Escape Plumbing is a professional emergency plumbing company based in Morris, CT, with over 30 years of experience serving residents of Northwest CT.


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